2016/2017 Chairman’s Award Video

More videos can be found at our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcUoCVCZfx99zDT4I6Ntv1w

And here is a highlights video from the 2017 OKC:                                                            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJBWStIdWvw


2015/2016 Chairman’s Award Video

The Booker T. Washington RoboHornets strive to exemplify the values put in place by FIRST.  We have participated in FRC competitions for 14 years and FTC competitions for 5 years. In addition to our FIRST related activities, we also impact our community by going to local schools to promote STEAM and generate interest in robotics. Additionally, we work with local charities such as the Little Light House and the Food for Kids Program.

2012/2013 End of Year Video

We surveyed the members of BTW Robotics and asked what was memorable about being a part of FIRST and how it has helped them. Here are some of our favorite responses: 

  • “I think that the most memorable experiences of FIRST I have are the competitions I have attended. So far being a part of FIRST has helped show me how to take more initiative and taught me how to work with a team while developing my leadership skills. ” -Peyton Kroh, Vice President of Membership, Class of 2017
  • “FIRST has helped me by teaching me the skills it takes to build a robot and giving me a business set of mind. I have learned that being able to market your idea to other people is important on the team and in real life.” – Jomari Gee, Class of 2019
  • “You get to build cool robots and stuff. Traveling,   i don’t get to do that much. And i get to meet new people at competition.” -Elijah Armendariz, Class of 2019
  • “FIRST has helped me in many ways such as helping me further understand the mechanics of certain systems, bettering my marketing skills through interactions with other teams, and giving me a place to be around people who are like-minded to myself.” – David Fournet, Class of 2018
  • “It gives people the chance to do something they would never have the chance to do.” -Alex Cook, Class of 2017

2015/2016 Safety Animation