In 2015, Team 1209 beta-tested the new FRC control system.  A team of students and mentors built an electronics board, including all of the new control system elements. They then partially rebuilt our 2015 robot, to test the new control system.  As we worked, we reported our progress on an online forum to allow FIRST to improve the system and fix bugs.  Overall, we found that the new control system was better than the old one. This was mainly because the wiring is easier, and the components (especially the Robo-RIO) are smaller than the old components.

Part of the bench-test of the Robo-RIO
Part of the bench-test of the Robo-RIO

After completing the beta test, we helped other teams get started on the new control system by giving a presentation and demonstrating our robot at the Tulsa area kickoff event.  The presentation we used is below.


Beta Testing Presentation


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