Little Light House

The Little Lighthouse is a non-profit preschool for children with developmental disabilities.

Our team first partnered with the Little Light House and TU in 2013 to build Rusty.  The goal of the project was to create a robot that would allow children with limited use of their hands to manipulate toys inside of a sandbox to help them develop their cognitive abilities.  We started work in June of 2013 and presented Rusty to the Little Light House in March of 2014.  Since the end users were children, two of our major concerns were the user interface and safety.  The RoboHornets worked in conjunction with TU on the project which gave us access to better facilities and equipment for the project.

Currently, we are working with TU to re-design Rusty so that it will be smaller, lighter, and have interchangeable user interfaces for different children with different abilities.


Rusty’s slider arm design. 2013
Rusty at the Little Lighthouse. 2013

A second project was the “Coat of Many Colors”, a coat and hat with colored LEDs that lights up in different patterns for different kinds of motion.  The goal is to help children learn spatial awareness and motor skills.  An Arduino Lily-Pad processor and several accelerometers are sewn into each garment.

Testing the coat of many colors
The electronics in the hat of many colors
The electronics in the hat of many colors

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