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Sea Perch

SeaPerch Website 

SeaPerch is a water-based robotics competition that the RoboHornets began to participate in during the winter of 2013. The program was designed in order to recruit more girls onto the team. This aquatics program successfully inspired students to think outside of the box and overcome specific and interesting challenges.

Sebastian, the 2013 SeaPerch robot was designed with a PVC base and foam to keep it afloat. It was controlled using,¬†SeaPerch’s own SeaSwitch Operating Box. Sebastian moved through the water with propellers powered by a 12 VDC Motor. The robot employed a 12 V Sealed Lead Acid Battery.










TU Storm

Booker T Robotics has teamed up with Tulsa University to create a robotics competition for local middle schools. The competition would focus almost entirely on autonomous programming because each team would receive identical pre-built robots. This competition existed in the past however is was stopped and our goal is to bring it back. The previous site for this competing can be found here.

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